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Comint Recycling Technology GmbH

Here you can download our Project Presentation:

TPE Production Site Bleiburg, Carinthia, Austria (Download Executive Summary)

The COMINT RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY GmbH (CRT) under the leadership of the Comint group is close working with COMINT TRADING GmbH; this ensures  a good mix for  production and trading of recycling material and the produced high quality Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) product.

CRT is located in Austria, Klagenfurt, Fleischmarkt 1, Top 3 and have at present production plant projects in Austria and in Slovenia.

Our midterm goal is to build and operate plants in Europe and beyond for the innovative production.

CRT owns an internationally protected patent, in which car tires will be mechanically shredded and broken down cryogenically and split into their raw material components. The resulting rubber granulate is then blended with recycled Polypropylene (PE) and / or Polyethylene (PP) and then composed into a new high-quality raw material, i.e., Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE pellets. These TPE products are made available for the rubber and plastics processing industry as a high quality and natural rubber equal to natural rubber.

COMINT RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY GmbH conducts feasibility studies, the planning, implementation and operational management of the individual factories and recycling locations.

Visit us: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Production Site Bleiburg, Austria

Further TPE Production Sites are planned for Koper, Slovenian Littoral, Slovenia.

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To help to clean the world from plastic and to save the resources of natural rubber.