TPE Production Site Bleiburg, Austria

Construction Site – Tire Recycling & Refinement Plant, Bleiburg, Austria

Here you can download our Project Presentation:

TPE Production Site Bleiburg, Carinthia, Austria (Download Executive Summary)

The COMINT RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY GmbH, headquartered in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, intends to build and operate innovative tire recycling plants with subsequent Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) plastic production.

Car Tire Recycling, in general

The current “recycling methods” are summarized below:

– “Recycling” by exporting the unusable tires to countries where re-use for a limited period of time is still possible. After this reuse, the tires are disposed of in an uncontrolled manner;
– “Recycling” by shredding the tires for the production of secondary products such as: mats, insulation, shoes, children’s toys, etc.;
– “Recycling” by shredding the tires for thermal recycling as fuel.

Comint Car Tire Recycling Technology

The COMINT RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY GmbH uses mechanically shredded car tires (rubber granules) and recycled plastics (Polyethylene (PE) / Polypropylene (PP)) to make a new, high quality, recyclable raw material, e.g., thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This new raw material is supplied to the rubber and plastics processing industry as a high quality raw material.

Comint’s technology is based on a special process, which produces a final product in a chemical
thermal process, which exactly meets the requirements of quality and material properties (e.g.,
elasticity, colour, hardness) of the customer and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into the
existing production range. These new thermoplastic products can therefore be used in almost all
rubber, rubber and plastics processing industries.

A price advantage of up to 20% also speaks for these new thermoplastic products.

It should also be mentioned that natural resources (rubber) in the raw materials industry are spared. This is because the demand for high-quality recycled materials in the plastics industry is high and the demand will continue to increase in the coming years given the scarcity of raw materials.

Environmental Friendliness

The technology used in the Comint Recycling process is thoroughly environmentally friendly. There
are no pollutants released. The products meet all quality requirements with regard to the

Business Goals

Our goal is to conquer a leading position as an innovative company in the recycling of car
tires and to supply the end products on a large scale for a variety of industrial applications:

– To be a leader in the Recycling Industry;

– Build factories for innovative Car Tire Recycling;

– Further refinement of the TPE Granules / Products at strategically attractive locations.

The first plant will now be built in Bleiburg, Carinthia, Austria, having a TPE materials
production capacity of about 200,000 t (metric tons) per year.


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