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The COMINT TRADING GmbH (CT) under the head of the Comint group is located in in Austria, Klagenfurt, Fleischmarkt 1, Top 5.

CT is a professional international trading company with offices in Austria, China, Singapore and Australia. We offer comprehensive one-stop service and various products to worldwide customers. We had established excellent relationships with a number of manufacturers and suppliers, worldwide we are certainly well placed to provide the level of service required by businesses and companies both large and small.

CT has extensive experience in commodities. Through our working experience and a global network of Partners and Associates we are able to meet nearly every demand of our customers successfully.

As reference for our business we utilise the information and advice of reputabel companies as like as the London Metal Exchange (LME) or the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI).

We trade mainly in the following commodities:

Let COMINT help you to grow your business.


COMINT TRADING GmbH is dedicated to the success of its commodity trading and production business and projects.

All endeavours are undertaken to minimize the risks for all concerned parties and to guarantee the contractual related and agreed performance.

All commodities traded are sourced from reliable and proven suppliers in majority from Europe, United States, China and South America.

Success in trading is only possible by providing the highest service qualities and by implementing International Standards.

Standards comprehend the quality of the commodities, the accuracy of the operational process and the international procedures, tools, methods and liabilities.

For COMINT these are the seven (7) Keys to SUCCESS:

  • Communication Culture
  • Operational know-how
  • Professional Sales Approach
  • Unrestricted reliability
  • Hand Shake Qualities
  • Pro-Active Implementation
  • Financial Strength